Law of Attraction Money

A lot of people heard about some general tips about the law of attraction money collecting, such as visualizing, feeling, etc.. We’ll cover all the main tips as well as some advanced, only if you want to get rich.So let’s start!

Key steps to make the law of attraction money work and achieving enormous wealth!

1.Visualizing – this is STEP ONE. Every day, try to imagine yourself achieving your financial goal! Try to feel how it would be, how would you walk, how would you breathe, how would you feel in that position? Think specifically how much money would you like to have.Try imagining yourself looking at your bank account with that amount of money, In order toalso, try to imagine yourself spending that money!
Note: You can find a video in Motivation section (1st one), where Jim Carrey talks about his method.He wrote himself a cheque for 10 Million $$ and kept it in his pocket, he watched it every day!And guess what?It became a reality using that simple law of attraction money trick!

2. Be grateful

To make the law of attraction money work ,you have to feel rich to become.If you currently can’t find a way to do that, remember there is always a way, it’s a matter of perspective! Here’s an example: By assuming you’re reading this on your computer with internet access, you have electricity, computer, the internet,you’re richer than 70 % of the population! And if you have clean water, a place to live, you make in the top 20% richest population.So be grateful, it’s a great exercise to start your day, that’ll change your life.Every morning get up, breathe deeply and walk thinking about your family, friends, money, health, everything you could be grateful for!


Next steps depend on YOU.If you want just to live for tomorrow and have a nice salary, enough to survive – STOP HERE with the law of attraction money! Proceed only if you have passion towards building wealth and abundance to you and your family.Next steps only give you a direction; they’re not a full path towards success, but if you proceed here, you’ll start an incredible journey towards making your dreams a reality!Using the law of attraction money will always come to you, but quantity depends on your wishes and appetite.Good luck!

3. Have a MAP –massive action plan
If you want to have money you have to know a way to earn it, right, a law of attraction money isn’t enough? This is covered in our goals setting template, so check it out!

4. Invest in your mind
All of us have some goals, as we want to become something big, it’s necessary to visualize yourself like that, but you have to do something about it! Are you reading books? You can’t get rich following some “Get rich quick schemes”,at least legally.So remember INVEST IN YOUR MIND! Read books, listen to some tapes about how money works and ways to earn it and educate yourself every single day! If you want to find out about which books i have been reading, feel free to contact me. Reading books is a great way to prepare your mind for action at the same time as law of attraction money is.
law of attraction money 1
5. Spend money-give
You know in law of attraction money or love or anything, you HAVE TO give in order to GET! You could spend on a charity or a friend or some book , anything.That’s the reason why almost every wealthy family on Earth (such as Rockefeller) has it’s own foundation, they know this rule! It’s nice to give to charity when you can, but I prefer buying books or CD-s that would educate me as I said previously and I’ll repeat once again INVEST IN YOUR MIND! But you can find yourself that giving to charity is the best way to make yourself feel good and attract more money!

6. Focus
When you have a detailed plan and have set some achievable goals, in order to use law of attraction money and make your goal a reality, you need to stay focused!If you lose your focus, you just make your chances for success lower and lower.Write it down and read it every single day, that may help.It is covered in a great book for entrepreneurs written by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump, they talk about how they learned the value of focus (Trump had his business crushed, he’s life got almost totally ruined)
I found it on Amazon, so here’s a link.Click here! law of attraction money

7. Get the losers out of your life
If you want to get extremely rich and have set some goal, you need to remove all sources of negative energy in your life.By this I mean all your friends who are living just for tomorrow, without any goal or plan, and they make fun of your “impossible” goal.They are definitely an obstacle on your path to success!Law of attraction money works the same way as any other law of attraction method, you have to wipe out all your negative thoughts out of your mind.You need to reshape your subconscious mind, so you never doubt that your goals will become real.That’s the reason why you have to remove all negative energy from your life.


Thank you for reading, i hope you’ll at least find some of these steps useful.Remember, if you start the success journey, never give up, NEVER.You can find really useful videos on our motivation page.I definitely recommend you to watch them now, you will find some valuable information and an energy boost to get the work done!

Law of attraction money manifestation can be useful only if you’re doing something by yourself  if you want to read more on this topic, and how to achieve abundance in life, check out this! Or if you prefer to use the law of attraction love, you can as well find it on our site.And of course if you need more motivation you can always check out our law of attraction quotes page!